The unfamiliar world and jargon of counselling and psychotherapy can feel off-putting, which is one of the reasons I enjoy what for me is the “common sense” of Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy and its holistic approach.

Of course if you have never heard of Gestalt as a type of counselling and psychotherapy, and do not know what an holistic approach is, then I am just presenting you with yet more pieces of jargon.

So you will find a short explanation of Gestalt and what Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy can offer if you follow the link below: Developing Gestalt Counselling. J. Mackewn. Sage: London, 1997. The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Therapy. F.Perls. SBB:USA, 1973.

I am interested in enabling those who may feel that they are lacking in direction, to explore how they might create a better way of being in the world.

As well as my interest in facilitating personal development, I also have considerable experience of counselling and psychotherapy in mental health and educational settings. I accept referrals from a wide range of people, professionals and organisations such as; G.P’s, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Retail Trust, Sporting Chance Clinic, Self referrals, Parents and Peers to name but a few.

I have completed over 9 years counselling and psychotherapy training and I regard my own personal development as a crucial element in my work with clients. In addition I have a significant commitment to continuing professional development. My professional interests include Attachment Theory and Trauma Therapy and their incorporation within a Gestalt framework.

I draw on Gestalt as both my philosophy for living and personal growth.

Past events are often lived on in the present through thoughts, feelings and physical responses. Attending to these can allow us to revisit events with a different eye, thereby creating new and more satisfactory resolutions to dilemmas and difficulties. In this way we can broaden our options, free up our energy, and become more available to ourselves and others.

How I work-

I make the assumption that we are each experts on ourselves and given the right environment we are able to make use of our expertise. I invite people to become aware of their strengths, limitations and personal resources, and to pay attention to emotional and physical responses, sometimes suggesting further exploration aimed at heightening awareness.

During sessions you will notice the importance I place on building an authentic, warm and trusting relationship. I am keen to understand how you are impacted by your experiences and will usually share my own response to what you share. Gestalt sessions are often lively, creative, challenging and can be profoundly enlightening. Imagine having someone genuinely interested in YOU and committed to helping you live the life that you choose.

My Counselling and Psychotherapy venue is a comfortable and welcoming environments that facilitates a safe space for you to explore your difficulties freely.